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Birthdate:May 6
Location:Maryland, United States of America

What I am: 2627 28, female, with poor vision and a love for naps. Hippie liberal elitist (actually, more like a moderate Democrat). Taurus. Stubborn. Dog lover. Episcopalian-ish. Thinks big words are funny. Developing a dependence on caffeine. Going to grad school in genetic counseling soon (I hope). Eaten my own words on enough occasions to not dismiss anything out of hand (again, I hope).

Things I do: read, play World of Warcraft, read, watch bad movies, read, prod myself to write more, read, get thigh-deep into American politics and satire, read, plan a future as a mad scientist, read, eat cheese, read, devour pop culture/fantasy/scifi slash, read.

Spending a lot of time on /pco/ lately- you might see me posting as "Scruffy".

Warcraft info:
Sedna, 80 Tauren Hunter, SV/BM dual spec, Trollbane US
Torrigan, 80 Blood Elf Priest, Shadow/Holy dual spec, Trollbane US
Irian, 68 Blood Elf Mage, Fire spec, Trollbane US
Taiga, 78 Tauren Druid, Feral spec, Trollbane US

I'm happy to chat on WoW, but if you don't tell me who you are OR I'm in a raid or group, I may not answer (if the latter, I will be with you once my hooves aren't being gnawed off by angry Murlocs).

Please feel free to contact me at

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