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 Just finished this year's Halloween pumpkin. I meant to print out a pattern but forgot and decided to just freehand draw some stuff.

My brother's comment was "Only a genetics researcher would carve that." Au contraire! A genetics researcher OR a fantasy buff. Fortunately I fit both criteria.

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Squirreling this away for posterity. Written for the comment fic fest on [community profile] cap_ironman , which is filled with quietly magnificent fic you should go read. The prompt is from the lovely [personal profile] muccamukk and goes like this:

"Steve has found, over the years, that getting tied up really turns him on. Now all he has to do is figure out how to tell Tony."

tie bondage, tie bondage everywhere )
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Honestly, I could fill the rest of this entry with "ooh Heimdall oooh", because, well.

no spoilers, honest, but just in case )

oooh Heimdall
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This week I found out who Bill Millin is. Or was, I suppose; he passed away in mid-August.

Here's his obituary at the Economist.

Bill Millin played the bagpipes at the D-Day landings. He landed on Sword Beach, on June 6 of 1944, wearing a small ceremonial dagger and carrying his pipes, with no other weapons on him. He played for his brigade as they stormed the beach, as they crossed bridges under sniper fire; the German snipers later said they thought he was a madman, and so held their fire.

Gentlemen, this is why you do not fuck with the Scottish.

Good on you, Mr. Millin. In the past, I've wanted to laugh, hearing bagpipes. I don't think I will again.
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I would ask that you please not use Facebook or Twitter when you comment here (yes, all five of you). Like many others, I keep my fannish and personal lives strictly separate for a variety of reasons. And the current crossposting controls are not tight enough for me to feel comfortable with FB or Twitter posts.

I will not be linking or using my Facebook account while interacting (commenting, posting, otherwise making a digital trail) in LiveJournal. Still just the same old _aura with the same old snark.

Thanks, everyone! Here's to secret identities and personal privacy!

EDIT: Oh oh, I forgot to ask- is there an Idiot's Guide to mirroring posts to Dreamwidth somewhere? It seems like this is a good time for me to finally do that.
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Before I forget it: my Fourth of July challenge fic for [ profile] wingheads , saved here for posterity (baaaahahahahahaha!)

See all the entries here!

On The Boardwalk

Author: [ profile] truthiness_aura 


Characters: Steve Rogers, Arnie Roth, non-canon neighborhood characters (Scotty, Jake, Mort)

Word Count: 999

Warnings/ Kink: None

Con Crit: Please do.

Summary: A day on Coney Island.

Beta: None, but fiercely self-edited.

Notes: I researched the background for this piece to the best of my ability, but if you spot any glaring errors of history or canon, please let me know! Much love to [ profile] valtyr  for her encouragement. My thanks to [ profile] harmonyangel  for providing me with last-minute additional info on Steve and Arnie.

A “black cow” is an old-timey term for a root beer float.


Read more... )
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Hey Marvel fans: I remember hearing about Steve's friend Artie (they grew up together, I believe Artie showed up as Steve's token Gay Friend in the 70s or 80s). Did Artie have a last name?

Thanks all!

Edited to add: His name is ARNIE. Arnie Roth. /derp I'm glad I asked before I posted this fic.
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Violent video games touted as learning tool

Now, there's an ongoing debate about violence in video games (and violent media in general). It's a good debate, and one I'm not going to get into here. Here's what I'm going to focus on- the last paragraph of that story (from Daphne Bavelier, author of the study in question).

"As you know, most of us females just hate those action video games," she said. "You don't have to use shooting. You can use, for example, a princess which has a magic wand and whenever she touches something, it turns into a butterfly and sparkles."


/slow, extended blink

Please. Please, please, PLEASE be joking, Dr. Bavelier. Because if not, what the actual fuck.

me and half of my Warcraft guild.

ETA: Edited for coherence.

Two Sides

Apr. 16th, 2010 02:19 pm
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Bad News: Home again with a migraine. Suck. Really, really time to make that appointment with neurologist and/or update my blood pressure med.

Good News: Feeling better now; it's a beautiful day out; and I found a video of Tim Gunn critiquing superhero fashion. The rumors were true, he IS the best.

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I'm just here for the smut.

No, really.
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Today at 12:15 PM, I booted my computer, played a little WoW, listened to iTunes, read ElJay and Facebook, did all the little thingydoodles one does on the Internets. Shut it down and went to the store to get soup ingredients. Got back home at, oh, 4:30 PM and tried to boot it up again.

"Windows could not start because the following files is missing or corrupt

...Huh. That can't be good.

Multiple repair attempts, a trip to Best Buy, and an XP reinstall later, and I have a functioning PC again. I attempted to set up my old HD as a slave drive, but no dice; I'm hoping it's just because I'm missing a particular cable. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I will be extremely sad if I lose all my personal files from the past 6 years or so.

I like being "handy" with my computer, but I wish it wasn't because it kept breaking. >:(

(Oh, and I did finally make the soup- french onion, made with local onions. I served it with mozzarella and lots of croutons. Very tasty!)
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12:35 PM: Begin Max Brooks' World War Z. Read pages 1 to 54.

6:22 PM: Arrive home. Continue reading World War Z, pages 55 to 101.

7:05 PM: Begin quietly assessing how much food is in my cupboards in case of quarantine slash zombie uprising.

7:12 PM: Start computer.

7:13 PM: Go to "" for disaster preparedness information.

7:14 PM: Follow "" link to latest H1N1 update from the CDC.

7:17 PM: Check work email to see if H1N1 vaccine is available yet.

7:48 PM: Quietly and firmly remind myself of low fatality rate (and definite non-zombifying properties) of H1N1.

7:50 PM: Firmly put away World War Z for evening.

8:25 PM: Read section about the ineffectiveness of modern combat weaponry against the undead and a river of zombies ("Zack"s) streaming up the Saw Mill River Parkway from Manhattan.

8:26 PM: ....I said, put it away.
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Yes, this song is completely ridiculous, and the video is insane. It STILL will make me dance madly if it comes on while I'm in the car. (Sorry I can't embed this one in all its crazy glory.)

Shakira- She Wolf (Official Version on Youtube)

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So flist!

The Cliffs Notes on US healthcare and the current debate. )

So I thought I'd ask people about their healthcare experiences in their countries. I'm particularly interested in seeing the differences in access to care, quality of care, and cost of care between American citizens and citizens of other nations. What do you like about your healthcare? What don't you like? I know my flist has folks from all over. Tell me about your experiences!

Here's one of the reasons I work at a hospital. )

Fire away, friends! I'd like to hear more than what's being screeched about on CNN.
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@list l0:level1
mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";
mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman";}

Title: "Unusual If Not Unique"
Author: truthiness_aura
Rating: G
Fandom: Marvel
: Steve Rogers
Summary: A look inside SHIELD's medical files.
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] cliche_bingo prompt "documentation". WARNING! Contains dense medical pseudojargon. For the befuddled, "redaction" is the removing or blacking out of sensitive information in a document (
Wikipedia link). Edited after posting to fix problems with formatting.



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You may have already seen this, but I like it so much I'm posting it again. :D If I get married, I want to enter like this- even if it does kill my mother like she claims it will.

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My cliche_bingo card! )

Ooo, I see some possibilities here. I also really like my center image. (Sorry about your unicorn, kij.)

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I  went and signed up for [ profile] cliche_bingo .  Deep breath! Time to jump in and do something (a little) longer than comment-length fics! Join me, the water looks great!
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